About Us

Collin Shumba (Pastor)

Gbm Zimbabwe is the second local branch of Global Business Ministries to join us in another country in Africa.

Collin completed and graduated in the following school courses with our GBM Academy:

Bachelor and Master in Apostolic Ministry

He was ordained as a minister of Global Business Ministries and placed into leadership in the Zimbabwe Branch of GBM, where he stands as leader of this branch, under the Apostolic Covering of Apostles Les and Daphne Crause.

Collin has been ministering for some time and built a local church in Zimbabwe while undergoing training in our Gbm Academy. He is not only qualified to lead the work of the Lord in Zimbabwe, but his passion for the Kingdom of God will cause him to rise up and influence many in this country.

He completed his training in our Apostolic School and is now adding the Prophetic dimension to his ministry to make him complete in apostolic ministry.

Collin’s Testimony

I grew up in a church from childhood, being a nobody. In 2010 I begin to understand without a doubt that God is calling me. I got stuck, not knowing how to get there but really convinced of a high calling. In that church, no one could advise me on the callings and the first move was to leave that church/ system as it was operating contrary to the word. 

I then joined a Pentecostal church, where I could practice my teaching ministry.   When I begin to raise up in that ministry, the leader stood against me and I find myself not fitting well in the church. Having been rejected by the leadership, I stopped attending church services. I the developed the passion to know the Lord and learn to pray effectively. 

I then thought of joining a theological school, but deep down inside of me, I received a no. I understood that there must be a better way, rather than filling my mind with theological stuff. Whilst searching for someone to take me by the hand, I was convinced by what was offered by GBM and I could not wait to grab it.

In that journey, my life was transformed and I was molded into an image which is worthy of a minister. I received a new picture of how the church should run and threw the old picture away. 

Nyasha Shumba (Pastors Wife)

Nyasha stands squarely behind Collin in the work of the ministry and supports him fully in the work of the Lord.

Best Ruzema (Assistant Pastor)

Best works closely with Collin to assist in the work of the ministry. He has also completed training with GBM Academy and is continuing to study and train for the calling on his life.

His artistic and technical skills make him a valuable addition to the ministry team.